Cellfood Silica


Once considered just another trace mineral ingested in food and drink, silica has recently been shown to play a powerful role in promoting overall good health and preventing early aging. Cutting edge research shows that silica helps heal wounds, build bones and connective tissues, particularly collagen. It also helps prevent cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer. In fact silica has a major effect on connective tissue weakness and its repercussions. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body is rich with silica content. Collagenic fibers are the fundamental fabric of skin, ligaments and tendons.

Silicon is an abundant element in the earth’s crust but does not occur freely in nature. Silica (silicon dioxide), the “active” form of silicon, is the natural compound formed from the elemental mineral silicon and oxygen. Since silica is the natural form of this mineral, it is then the preferred term used in North America. It wasn’t until 1972 through research conducted by Dr. Edith Carlisle that silica was recognized as an essential trace element. She has demonstrated beyond any doubts the necessity and essential requirement of silica in fulfilling structural and metabolic needs of all plants, animals and human beings. Cellfood Silica is a proprietary combination of Cellfood® original and silicon dioxide (SiO2) in colloidal form. This proprietary formula of minerals in an ionic solution is actually the foundation of our biochemical life. When we age, the levels of silica in our body decline, Cellfood Silica can correct this imbalance and help maintain our body flexible, resilient, and energetic with soft supple skin. Maintaining a regular supply of Cellfood Silica to our bodies as we age should prevent premature aging, restore overall health and pain be gone.

Multiple roles of silica in our bodies
In our youth, our tissues absorb and maintain high levels of silica, thus enabling our bodies flexibility, versatilities and rigorous with energy. As we age, our silica level gradually decreases, and we begin to exhibit signs of ageing. Our bones become brittle, joints and cartilage deterioration and tooth and gum loss. Dry and distress skin, visible thinning hair are all signs and symptoms of deficiency in silica diet. With silica as the primary structural mineral forming the collagen matrix. Once the matrix is formed, the mineral matrix, including calcium, is reinforce into the collagen framework. In fact bones are rich resources of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and silica along with trace minerals.

Silica promotes healthy skin, hair, nails, teeth and gums

Studies show that without adequate supplies of silica, the body cannot, as we age, maintain optimum skin elasticity, strong hair, nails and gums.

Silica and the heart

Studies confirm that with age, silica decreases from the aorta, the heart’s main blood vessel. Thus weakening its connective tissue, resulting in greater risk of heart and cardiovascular disease.

Silica and the brain

Silica levels decrease with aging and therefore may be needed in larger amounts by the elderly. Research has shown that silica counteracts the effects of aluminum in the body and brain. The biological significance of the reaction of silica and its therapeutic values in combating against human neuro-degenerative disease is recognized with much interest.


Cellfood Silica

This proprietary blend of Cellfood and pure silica in colloidal form is extremely easy to absorb and easy to drink liquid mineral supplement. That is what sets it apart from other Silica mineral supplements. Cellfood Silica fine molecular structure and it’s bioavailability makes it the most sought after silica supplement because most silica supplement in the market are in tablet form and are not as easily absorbed by the body.

Many professional athletes use Cellfood Silica immediately following physical activities to help reduce their natural recovery period and accelerate the body healing process.

Cellfood Silica supports these critical functions.

•  Bone strength and joint flexibility.

•  Improved skin moisture and elasticity.

 Stimulation of cell formation and metabolism.

 Slowing of the aging process.

 Protection and support for connective tissue.

•  Enhanced collagen formation.

 Strengthen the immune system.

•  Increased elasticity of blood vessels.

•  Re-mineralization of skeletal formwork.

•  Strengthening teeth, gums, hair and nails.

 Prevention of and support for Alzheimer’s by removing aluminum from the body.

Directions for use

Shake bottle gently before using. Take 15 drops in 250ml of drinking water or juice twice daily. May also be used after strenuous physical activity. No refrigeration required.



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